Search for scientific observations for seminars, bachelor or masterworks

Important research literature is often published today in the form of scientific essays. In addition, essays have the advantage that they are more up-to-date than monographs on which the authors work for a long time. Essays compress knowledge and you get the information you want faster than monographs. Especially for a term paper in which you have little time, expert papers are ideal. Essays will also be an important part of the literature in your thesis. However, you must be aware that, unlike monographs, you will find scientific papers only through special databases or bibliographies.

There are numerous databases that you can use to find essay literature. Your university library often includes access to the most important essay databases, which are cross-curricular or subject-specific. As an example, only the large database Online Contents (OLC) is called, which leads over 24 million essays. Familiarize yourself with the offerings of your library during the literature search for your bachelor thesis or master thesis.

Literature research in essay databases and bibliographies

In the literature search in the essay databases, you then proceed as you do with the OPAC search by entering different keywords and varying them. If you’ve come across an interesting essay title, you can often check directly from the database if the journal is in one of your university’s libraries. If a magazine is not available at your location, you can consider whether you would like to order the article via the document delivery service subito.

If it is not possible to directly check the availability of the essay, you must search the journal using your library’s catalog. Keep in mind that many libraries have their own catalog of journals in OPAC, which you must first select. As a rule, journals are listed in abbreviations in the databases. To find out the full title of the journal, you can access a printed list of abbreviations that is often directly in the search boxes in every major library. If you can not find this directory, just ask for information.

Another way to search essays is to conduct a literature search with printed bibliographies that have an alphabetical index. Here, the search is more complicated than using the online databases, but you will find one or the other academic essay for your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis, which was not included in an essay database.

Access scientific papers directly online

More and more journals are published by publishers online and are often accessible through the network of universities. This is a comfortable way to get suitable literature, because you can download the essay as a PDF file here. Some publishers also offer essays for free on their homepage. When searching for online journals you can also use the journal database of the University of Regensburg. Find out about the possibilities to access journals directly online, as you can save a lot of time during the literature search.