Timing literature search and planning properly

For a literature review, you should plan for about four to six weeks for a thesis with a processing time of six months. The literature search is never quite finished. Also in the evaluation of the literature and the writing of the work, you will still pursue one or the other interesting reference in a footnote, but the main search falls in the weeks mentioned at the beginning of the processing time. If you have the opportunity to give feedback to your supervisor and provide him with a preliminary bibliography, use them, try to interest in write my essay . He can then give you references to important literature that you may have overlooked.

Plan your literature research well and always keep track of the literature found. Borrowed literature should best be noted at once and place orders for a long-distance loan in good time. For books that are part of the reference stock, you can copy important passages or work with the literature on the spot. Always make sure that the required literature is available in good time so that you do not lose time unnecessarily.

If you have found literature in your local library, follow the appropriate rules and look at the books next to the book you are looking for when sorting thematically. In this way you will come across more books on your topic that you have not yet found in the catalog.

Do not just search for literature using databases

Do not just use databases for the literature search. Also printed bibliographies or the review of bibliographies after the so-called snowball system bring relevant references for your thesis.

Planning the literature search correctly

In literature research, it is particularly important that the literature is available to you in time for the literature review. So you should always book borrowed books, which are of interest for your work, immediately and place orders for the interlibrary loan in time. Individual essays and important book passages should be copied and provided with appropriate references so that you can later identify the literature. If you work here carefully, you can also derive the data for naming this source in your own bibliography.

During the literature search, it will happen again and again that a book or magazine book you are looking for is in a faculty library that is not part of your faculty and that you have not visited before. Here it is important to have no fear of contact. Inform yourself in advance about the opening hours of the library and the possibilities of borrowing; This is usually possible via the homepage of the respective department. Otherwise it will be annoying to lose time if you stand in front of closed doors during the semester breaks. If you can not find your way around the library, do not hesitate to ask the library staff, they will help you.

During the literature research, you will often have to visit several libraries multiple times, especially when it comes to closing gaps in the literature search. The search for suitable literature can be a lot of fun. Again and again there is an interesting bibliography, which could still be pursued. But it is important that you set a binding deadline for your literature research; especially with a term paper you do not have so much time for it. Just before you go to the literature review, you should, if it is possible at your university, a preliminary list of literature show your supervisor. He points out to you if you have overlooked important literature.